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The New and Improved Brodex.

The New and Improved Brodex.

Welcome to Brodex, the Specialists in Pure Water Cleaning Equipment.  We manufacture a huge range of products for all your cleaning needs. We offer leading Pure Water Machines, Water Fed Poles and Internal Cleaning Solutions, just to name a few.

Our huge range cannot be expressed enough without you taking a look around our website, so click HERE to learn more.

New & Improved?

It is our ongoing endeavour to keep improving in every aspect of our business. After being taken over by new owners in December 2016, we have continued to amend issues from the past and are focused on providing the best possible service to all our customers. We understand that within the previous ownership Brodex had a bad reputation for some in the community due to issues in the past, but it is our mission to eliminate these issues to rebuild our brand. We also understand that nobody is perfect. No matter what we will face issues again, but its about how we deal with it in benefit to our customers. Trust is a major factor between a business and a customer, and we are rebuilding that trust to provide the excellent service we know we are capable of.

Our first full year was a good start. Our marketing programme has been hugely improved with the addition of all our Social Media pages. They have proved to be a great platform for Brand Awareness but also for Customer Service, as anyone can easily get in touch with us with a simple message that we respond to instantly. Just by being a part of the cleaning social media groups has taught us a lot about this great community. A highlight of the year has to be our ‘Name the Pole’ competition, which we seen some great submissions which ended in the launch of our brand new AliGATOR pole. The pole launch was a great success shown by the massive positive feedback from our customers.

This is just the beginning. We have an exciting future ahead and we can’t wait to see it develop. We will continue to improve in areas we need to, but also build on the things we do well. A big thank you to those who have looked passed the bad in our journey back to the very best, and a Happy New Year to you all.


the Brodex Team.

By Joe Conyard (Marketing)

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