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E1000DI Pure Water Machine

£2,211.00 excl. VAT

Designed to fit large vans and trailers, the Brodex E-Compact 1000 litre Systems are our flagship model, part of the latest generation of window cleaning equipment. Built for professional window cleaners from high-impact polypropylene, with quality components throughout and backed by our massive 3-year guarantee.

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Over 50% greater capacity than the 650L system and, with 4 operators, particularly suited to heavy commercial use. When we install a 1000 litre system into your van we include an additional power source and split charger to ensure there is not an excessive drain on your vehicle’s battery.

The E1000DI model produces Pure Water quickly through a resin-based filtration system, removing impurities, calcium, lime and chlorine, and is suitable for soft water areas. The maintenance is very low and the consumables are simple and quick to change.

Brodex pure water window cleaning machines are the only single piece moulded tanks on the market.

Why is this important? Because it makes them StrongerLeak-proof and far Safer in the event of an accident (all systems are MIRA crash tested)

The E Series tanks were created by professional mechanical design engineers, so as well as being stronger and safer, the striking red tanks make your van look professional.

In a DI machine, the water purification takes place using ion-exchange resin only. The fill time is fast and the machine will auto-shut off when full (failsafe overflow mechanism installed) so you can spend the fill time looking after other important business needs – not waiting to cut of the water source!


  • Water capacity: 1000 litre
  • Compact footprint – 159cm x 110cm (ht. 130cm)
  • Number of Possible Operators: 4
  • Continuous working hours@1L/min: Approx. 12
  • Approx fill time: 1 hour
  • Required payload (min): 1500kg

Other Features:

  • Auto shut off when full
  • Two independent variable speed pumps (adjust and save water!)
  • Failsafe overflow mechanism
  • Two resin vessels
  • 1-year Guarantee
  • Rapid-fill facility
  • Upgrade Package Available*
  • “Tanksafe” vehicle anchorage safety system


*Please note DI (De-Ionisation) Machines are suitable for Soft water areas. If you decide to take on new business in other regions it is possible to upgrade your existing DI model to a Reverse Osmosis Model (Retrofit Upgrade Package Available)

See our External Port Manifold which allows you to operate the system whilst your doors are shut, giving total security as you work and while you fill the system in the evening.

Shipping Details:

All of our products will be sent by a courier within 5 to 7 working days.

We do aim to get your items out as soon as possible but these are our standard minimum terms.

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