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Because water in bulk is very heavy Brodex believe the only true way to achieve driver and passenger safety in the event of a head on collision is to have a steel bulk head fitted (preferably by the vehicle manufacturer). Although most manufacturers (excluding DIY kits) are installed to high safety specifications, at this speed only a correctly fitted steel bulkhead will protect the vehicle occupants.

Some manufacturers, including Brodex, produce machines that grow with your business. For example if you start with a 250litre machine the next upgrade is to bolt on another 250 tank and increase your water/working capacity by 100% 

Decide how many operators you need, for now and in the future.

Capacity – Establish how big you round is i.e. a small round done casually over a few days a week may suit a smaller capacity 250litre model where as a larger commercial round needing multiple operators would benefit from a larger capacity 650 or 1000litre model.

Know the quality of the water on your round. For soft to normal water areas a De-Ionised model will suffice but if you will or think you will be cleaning in a hard water area then a Reverse osmosis model would be a much better investment

You will need to gauge whether you want your business to expand or not. Don’t buy a 250 machine in a small van if you envisage larger contracts and more operators in the near future. Plan ahead!

The rule of thumb is water is 1kg per litre therefore 500litres is 500kg ask the manufacturer for the weight of their system and allow for hose reels, poles etc.

The cleaning power of the water itself, along with the abrasiveness of the brush heads, removes most every day deposits like; snail & caterpillar trails, putty marks, finger prints, and bird mess. You may have to pre treat/soak them first but with a bit of elbow grease most will come off. (Don’t forget to rinse well) you will need a good old-fashioned scrapper for paint, silicone sealer and dried on egg. 

Then rule of thumb is if your water tests at more than 2 parts per million it will leave a visible residue and not be fit for purpose. Normally one litre of resin de-ionises approx 300 litres of pure water. 

Yes, if electricity can travel through trees it can travel through water fed poles. Water and electricity don’t mix well… The answer is avoid danger areas by performing a risk assessment on each site. 

Brodex have invested heavily researching the cleaning power of pure water and have concluded that it is the Structure of the pure water itself that does the cleaning not necessarily the temperature of the water. Hot water in some cases may speed up a job such as a builders clean, or give an added level of comfort to the user – but cold pure water is extremely powerful in its own right. 

Yes, although you may need to clean twice. You could try pre-cleaning with a citric acid solution in an eco trolley and rinse off with pure water for a quick solution to heavy deposits. Another solution to speed up a builders clean would be introducing hot pure water (e.g. the Brodex Flame machine) 

First you need to check out the validity of the crash test. For example was the test performed on the current model of machine being sold, or an older obsolete version? 

Your choice of pole is normally dependent upon budget as ideally a light, rigid fast action pole is your best investment but these are normally more expensive than the heavier more wobbly poles. We recommend purchasing the best pole you can afford because at the end of the day even if you have bought the best pure water machine there is if you have a poor brush head and wobbly pole your cleaning will be inferior and slower, it really is worth scraping together the extra pennies for a decent pole. 

Water fed poles are simply connected to your pure water machine via a hose, a brush head is attached to the end of the pole the pole is normally telescopic and is extended to the appropriate height the water switched on and the correct technique used to gently agitate the dirt on the window allowing the bristles and pure water to do all the work, then a simple rinse by drawing the brush head a few inches from the glass and letting the pure water wash away any debis

‘Perfect’ Pure water should read as 0.00ppm, but Brodex advise not to clean with a reading above 2.00ppm as it may leave a deposit.

Most leaks are caused by the manufacturer using plastic type hose lock fittings. Brodex advice is to buy a good quality machine or change all the plastic fittings to high pressure metal airline fittings.

Domestic tap water although it looks pure, contains lots of dissolved chemicals such as calcium, magnesium and fluoride. When the water dries on the window it leaves powdery deposits of these on the glass (appearing as white streaks and spots) this is unacceptable. Pure water has these chemicals removed leaving a crystal clear finish. 



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