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Softwash Cleaning System

What is Softwashing?

Softwashing is an exterior cleaning method that removes biofilms which may have built up over time. In contrast to a pressure washing system, a Softwash system uses a chemical solution to remove biofilms on exterior surfaces.

Biodegradable solution keeps exterior surfaces cleaner for up to 5 times longer compared to a standalone pressure washer. Impressively, the niagara is also fitted with a pressure washing outlet, which allows you to connect your own pressure washer and utilise both methods of cleaning, yielding the best results possible. 

The ONLY Crash Tested Softwash System.

See the niagara in action by watching the video below!

What is a Biofilm?

A biofilm consists of a group of microorganisms which often stick to exterior surfaces. They can form on living or non-living surfaces. Examples of Biofilm are; Algae, Lichen and various other types of Mould.

What is a Biocide?

A Biocide is a chemical substance or microorganism that kills or controls the growth of living organisms. Softwash solution is a highly concentrated biocide which is HSE approved.

The Driving Force.

The D3 dual purpose Dosatron® is the driving force behind the niagara.

It automatically adds 5-25% of your specified cleaning agent to the water coming from your tank when activated.

The niagara softwash system removes biofilms which may have built up on exterior surfaces over time. With the niagara, you can clean using both hypochlorite and an eco-fiendly cleaning agent through the power of the D3 Dosatron®

Application and Rinse.

We include two heavy duty stainless steel lance sprayers, for softwash solution application and rinse down.

With two operators you can increase the speed and efficiency of the job, earning you more money and saving you more time.


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