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Water Fed Poles

for beginners and professionals.

Our Best Window Cleaning Poles Ever.

Our latest range of water fed poles are the best we have ever made, due to our wealth of experience in the design and manufacturing of top quality window cleaning products.

Alloy Water Fed Poles

The No.1 Alloy Pole.

The ALIGATOR is the latest generation aluminium water fed poles with an overhaul of upgrades since our previous range.

It is an ongoing challenge to reduce the weight of alloy poles and keep them rigid. Nevertheless, the ALIGATOR range is our strongest and lightest alloy pole yet. 

The success of the pole is evident after selling completely out in the first week of its launch, with fantastic feedback from our customers.

Hybrid Water Fed Poles

Perfectly balanced.

The RAPTOR Hybrid is a 50/50 Carbon and Glass-Fibre mix material pole. It is an ideal step up from the aluminium, without the huge cost increase.

Our mid range Hybrid is a substantial upgrade, through its super lightweight yet robust material. 

The team at Brodex has worked hard to bring out a lighter Window Cleaning Pole than the Alloy, but at an affordable price. We believe the RAPTOR Hybrid meets that difficult requirement.

Carbon-Fibre Water Fed Poles

The flagship.

The RAPTOR Carbon is the best Window Cleaning Pole we offer, reaching heights of up to 73ft.

The pole is made in a high-grade full carbon-fibre material, meaning it’s as light as possible for those long cleaning days which reduces fatigue.

Regardless of how ultra-lightweight this pole is, it’s still superior in strength and rigidity. The RAPTOR Carbon range is our best yet, and will pay for itself in no time. Upgrade today.

V3 Clamping System

These are the best clamps we have ever had on our poles. The previous V2 variant has been upgraded into the new V3 clamping system, with an aluminium lever. Retaining lightness, improving quality and durability across the Brodex range of Water Fed Poles. 

We know that time is super important when you’re out on the job, therefore we have taken extra steps to increase the efficiency and ease of use of these clamps. Just take a look at them in the video above. 

The clamps are fully “anti-pinch”, and light enough to simply flick open and close with your thumb. No more messing around with clamps.

Complete and Ready to Use.

What comes included with the pole?

10" Standard Brush Head

The pole includes the Brodex 10″ Lightweight Brush Head, complete with moulded hoses and clips. This is a high-quality brush head which gives great cleaning results. Window cleaning mono-filament bristles give powerful cleaning power and leave a great finish.

Commercial Crank

Adjustable water fed pole brush neck in durable plastic. Male/female German thread, suitable for Vikan and Brodex brush heads. The operator can create different angles allowing specific work, i.e. windowsills and conservatories.

Pole Hose Fitting

All our poles come with hose threaded through the pole, with a specific fitting of your choice. You can choose from a Hozelock, Microbore or High Pressure fitting. All you have to do is plug your fitting into your desired hose and start cleaning.

Fast Delivery on all Window Cleaning Pole orders.

In stock pole orders are sent on a Next Day Delivery, meaning you can get to work within 48 hours upon order.

We have made extra efforts to keep stock of our Carbon-Fibre Poles due to high demand. In the unlikely event that we do not have your desired size pole in stock, it is likely on the way. 



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