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Pure Water Window Cleaning Kit

£1,122.00 incl. VAT

A great starter DIY kit at an affordable price. Water purification takes place through our Quick Fill Kit and the purified water can be taken on-site with the 50 litres digitally controlled Eco-trolley. Included is our state of the art AliGATOR Water Fed Pole, to use for cleaning at heights of up to 21ft.


Pure Water Window Cleaning Kit

  • Ecotrolley with charger
  • 21ft Waterfed Pole
  • Quick Fill Kit
  • TDS Meter
  • 25 litre drum container (x4)

The Eco-trolley is a compact design which allows you to access difficult areas and all fittings are quick release, leak-free high-quality brass. Its constructed from tough polypropylene and is 100% ready to use with an integral 100psi pump and 12V power supply (charger provided)

Included is our latest Alloy 21ft Water Fed Pole, the AliGATOR.

Our standard lead time for our Window Cleaning Kit is 7 working days.

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