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Pure Water Window Cleaning Kit

£935.00 excl. VAT

A great starter DIY kit at an affordable price. Water purification takes place through a domestic RO unit and the purified water can be taken on-site with the 50 litres digitally controlled Eco-trolley.


Pure Water Window Cleaning Kit

  • Ecotrolley with charger
  • 18ft Waterfed Pole
  • Domestic RO Unit
  • TDS Meter
  • 25 litre container (x4)

The Eco-trolley is a compact design which allows you to access difficult areas and all fittings are quick release, leak-free high-quality brass. Its constructed from tough polypropylene and is 100% ready to use with an integral 100psi pump and 12V power supply (charger provided)

A high quality 18-foot Waterfed pole, again 100% ready to use with brush head, pole hose and connectors.

Please note this item is for collection only – should you wish to have the goods shipped direct to you contact our sales team on 0151 545 1388 and we will provide a shipping quotation.

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