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Diesel Powered Hot Water…

Diesel Powered Hot Water System

Built from top quality material,  and backed with a 12-month guarantee, this robust Hot Water System will revolutionise your water fed pole cleaning business. Simply switch on, connect your hose, and in minutes you have a constant flow of hot water. This will increase your efficiency and profit by speeding up your cleans and it can also cut your running costs due to the reduced water usage.

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The Brodex Diesel Powered 2 Man Hot Water System – Add on to any existing Pure Water system

Constant Hot Water whenever you need it…Convert your Pure Water System to Hot!

The ‘Flame’ Water Heater also enables you to tackle those more stubborn cleaning jobs such as builders’ cleans. Heating the Pure water increases its already powerful cleaning ability so you can take even more jobs:

  • Cladding cleaning
  • Signage cleaning
  • Conservatory cleaning
  • Garage door cleaning
  • Car, Boat and Caravan cleaning

Please note: the price includes installation which must be carried out by a Brodex engineer

We safely mount, wire and plumb the system to the diesel supply of your van. The system is then rigorously tested and the temperature calibrated so you are ready for operation.

System Compatibility:

The ‘Flame’ Hot Water System is compatible with ALL Brodex Systems and ALL existing Pure Water Systems, even DIY (frame and tank) kits.

***Please note this product is installed on Brodex premises (L33 7TW)***

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