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PortaPower Trolley System -…

PortaPower Trolley System – 240V Mains

The new Brodex 12V Battery Operated water purification trolley is an ideal stand alone or add on system to your current business which uses RO and DI technology to deliver 200 litres/ hour of pure water cleaning power.

This allows you to produce and deliver large amounts of de-ionised water on-site. Simply connect to the mains water and electricity supply on-site and you are ready to work instantly (battery version needs access to mains water only). It can be used by a solo operator, or a team of two working on high reach jobs up to 60 feet.

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Safety First – PortaPower 240V supports the long reach cleaning option (60 ft working height) so no need to hire inexpensive access platforms and scaffolding. Connect your water fed poles directly to the PortaPower and you are ready to go.

Faster – The Portapower is compact and can be moved around quickly, in and out of vehicles, up and down steps and across any terrain. Saves you time as there is no need to pre-fill a tank and you can stay on-site until the job is done (PortaPower generates and delivers 300 litres of cleaning power/ hour).

Going Green – no detergents are used in the purification process. Pure Water Cleaning is all you need for a top-class professional finish

Saving you Money – PortaPower is a stand-alone system which is compact and can be transported in an existing small van, or even an estate vehicle. No need to purchase a van or pay installation costs. It’s the most cost-effective model on the market today!

  • Low Cost Pure Water Cleaning
  • Enables 2 Operator High level Cleaning up to 60 ft
  • Delivers 300litres/ hour for rapid production (or filling of tanks)
  • Only wastes 30-40% of input water, the rest is product
  • No need to purchase a van – you are ready to go!
  • No Chemicals or Detergents
  • Works under 240V Mains Power

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