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My Window Cleaner – Their Brodex Journey

My Window Cleaner – Their Brodex Journey

Every customer has their own unique journey in how they come to deal with our team at Brodex. In this case we spoke to Ian Bradley at the My Window Cleaner franchise. Our growing relationship with Ian and the franchise is massively valued here at Brodex, so we wanted to learn more about their journey and why choosing Brodex is the best option for your business.

“We have a trusting relationship where we can grow and move forwards together…”

My Window Cleaner was founded in 1996 to up the window cleaning game and provide the ultimate value for window cleaning customers. Ian’s background in the industry spans over 30 years, whereby he was appointed as the Franchise Director at My Window Cleaner to roll out their franchise in the UK.

This tasked him choosing the right products for the franchise, to ensure their vans are installed with the best equipment.

“I did much research into companies that were manufacturing and installing Reach and Wash Systems. I then did a UK wide trip to meet with each, to understand how they operate and their service and charging processes and prices”, Ian told us.

Asking what appealed to Ian the most about our services, Ian said “Brodex took the time to understand our requirements and they have always delivered on their promises. We have a trusting relationship where we can grow and move forwards together knowing that any issues can be mentioned openly and sorted quickly.”

My Window Cleaner now has 18 vans on the road, all using our Crash Tested Brodex Water Fed Systems. “Very rarely do we ever get issues… The systems are robust, reliable and easy to use. I have always found the staff at Brodex very accommodating and the product and price range suits our needs very well.”

Our lead sales manager, John, said “dealing with Ian has been a continuous pleasure and our growing relationship has been massively important for us at Brodex and the My Window Cleaner franchise. We hope to continue this relationship and provide the best service for Ian and the franchise in the present and the future.”

We wish My Window Cleaner the continued success it deserves and look forward to dealing with Ian and the team again.

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