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The Best Aluminium Water Fed Pole.

The Best Aluminium Water Fed Pole.

I think it is fair to say that the AliGator Pole has taken the window cleaning industry by storm after its huge success since its launch back in October last year.

The AliGator is the latest generation aluminium water fed pole with an overhaul of upgrades since our previous range of poles. We have been manufacturing aluminium poles for many years giving us a wealth of experience in the quality changes involved. This gives us the constant drive to consistently innovate in better technology for the benefit of our customers around the world.

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Whats new?

It is an ongoing challenge to reduce the weight of alloy poles and keep them rigid. Nevertheless, the AliGator range is our strongest and lightest alloy pole yet. We have also reduced the collapsed length to our previous range, and with the new ‘Anti-Pinch’ clamps we believe this is the best alloy pole on the market.

The success of the pole is evident after selling completely out in the first week of its launch, with fantastic feedback from our customers. It didn’t stop there though, our second batch of poles sold out very quickly due to the insane amount of pre-orders we received as well.

We would just like to thank our customers for initial feedback for the AliGator and we are delighted to hear all the positive reviews we have received. Thanks again to Paul Boothroyd for the great name!

Take a look at the AliGator in full by clicking HERE.

Coming soon… An All New Brodex Carbon Range, stayed tuned!


By Joe Conyard. (Marketing)

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