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Introducing the New RAPTOR Carbon Fibre Pole!

Introducing the New RAPTOR Carbon Fibre Pole!

Congratulations to Glenn Dinsdale on winning a 36ft RAPTOR Water Fed Pole, for submitting the name chosen!

After weeks of evaluation, we have come to the close conclusion that RAPTOR will be the name of our new range of Carbon Fibre Water Fed Poles.

Thank you to all who submitted their interesting ideas, it was great to get the cleaning community involved once again.

We did have few submissions for the RAPTOR name, however Glenn Dinsdale was the first to get there. However, we will be offering a 25% discount code for our brand-new range, to the people who submitted the RAPTOR name. (You will be messaged on Facebook regarding this.)

This brings an end to our SUMMIT range of poles, but with the RAPTOR we are bringing an influx of upgrades, including a substantially upgraded ultra-lightweight full carbon pole, new robust anti-pinch designed lateral clamps and new 5mm anti-kink lightweight hose. More details on the RAPTOR will be released soon.

Take a look at the new RAPTOR Pole HERE

Click HERE to ORDER yours today!

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